Can I hear a WHOO HOO! For all the awesome rescue parents out there! You guys rock! I am taking a moment of gratitude to say THANK YOU for adopting your Rescue Pet…. whatever it is.  Not only have you saved a life but you’ve adopted your best friend, confidant, therapist, cheering section and moral support they are worth their weight in gold. Not only are they loyal but they are good for your health. Did you know pet owners have lower blood pressure than non pet owners? You also sleep better, have less stress and are in a better mood.

Pets don’t care what you look like, where you live, how much money you make, if you’re single or not, or if you’re healthy or not. All they care about is do you want me and can you love me. If so we’ve got a deal. Isn’t that AWESOME?

So congratulations to all the rescue pets that got adopted into loving homes! They all have an expression on their faces of what I like to call How YA Like Me Now! It’s a smug expression that says look what you missed out on & now I’m being loved and wanted and living my best life so Nanny Nanny & I couldn’t be happier for them.

Right now especially because of this pandemic of Coronavirus there is an epidemic going on with humans discarding their pets left and right. The shelters are overflowing which has all my rescues, fosters & adopters spinning trying to save all of these animals. Long days of stress and heartache are unfortunately the norm for these people everyday. It’s a thankless job but a very necessary one because if we do nothing then no animal can be saved.

Did you know right now the shelters are full of CAT & DOG pure breeds like never before as well as mixes? So if you are looking for a pet not only give me a call but check your local shelters. Also many shelters are NOT no kill shelters, so when people give up their pets most of them will be killed. I know that’s brutal, but it is the truth.

Adopting a rescue animal is such a noble thing to do and I wanted to take a few minutes to not only say THANK YOU for saving a life but to tell you why rescues are so awesome. Did you know most rescues live longer than pure breeds? IT’S TRUE! Also they will be so very grateful to you for saving them. Oh yes they are very aware of being saved.

Animals are very intelligent and most humans underestimate them greatly. They feel and express all of the emotions we have. Whether it is joy, sadness, fear, anger, frustration, loneliness, abandonment etc. They know when they are wanted and when they are not wanted. I have personally witness abandoned pets that grieve themselves to death. They won’t eat, play, or interact with anyone. They turn themselves to the wall and slowly want to die.

This is why I’m begging you to take adopting your furry friend seriously. This is a commitment to a life. A DOG will live an average of 12 to 15 years and a CAT will live an average of about the same. Pets are a family member and should be treated as one. If you don’t have time for a pet DON’T GET ONE. If you don’t have patience for a pet DON’T GET ONE. If you don’t have the money to properly take care of them, such as vet visits twice a year, proper food etc DON’T GET ONE.

Just because you are lonely or think they are cute is not a good enough reason to adopt a pet. May I suggest going to visit someone who has a pet so that you can get gratified that way. Please be responsible and un-selfish before investing in another life and ruin it. Whenever we place a pet with a new family or person I make sure to interview them so that I know not only is the pet going to be safe but to make sure both are a good match for each other.

I always say I don’t expect you to love animals the way I do (although most of you here do) just don’t do any harm to them.

In conclusion, if you’re ready to add an addition to your family may I strongly suggest you consider a rescue animal. Remember rescue doesn’t mean damaged it just means they were let down by humans. Your LOVE can make their previous life and experiences fade away like a bad memory. The best thing I love about animals is they are so forgiving, they are more than willing to give the right person another chance so that they both can have a fresh start.

LOVE ALWAYS HEALS! Until next time remember PETS RULE!



“How YA Like Me NOW!…”