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The first thing you need to know about T.E.O.S. The Potty Solution is that this product IS NOT a spray to cover up the smell of your pets potty accidents. T.E.O.S. The Potty Solution is a complete training system with a formula that STOPS your pets & any other animals from having potty challenges in unwanted areas in the first place.

Wherever T.E.O.S. is sprayed it communicates a NO POTTY ZONE to your pet or trespassing animal and the Training/Instructional Pamphlet that accompanies each bottle of T.E.O.S. will show you how, when, where & how long to spray the formula to re-train your pets behavior and stop them from having potty accidents.

This revolutionary product I’ve created has equipped & empowered me to resolve some of the most difficult CAT & DOG potty challenges in existence. The first thing I want to say here is THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE & DO NOT GIVE UP

T.E.O.S. is unlike anything you’ve experienced before and it works!

It’s all natural and will not harm your pets, ruin your furniture or floors. The proprietary formula is of a secret blend of essential oils (that are safe for pets) and will repel pets from eliminating wherever it is sprayed.

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