Yep you heard me right PETS need a bedtime routine too. Don’t have one? Read on ahead and find why you should and what’s the perfect fit for you and your family.

Did you know all pets behave better with a consistent schedule? It’s true pets love schedules because it lets them know what to expect & what’s happening next, which creates a tremendous sense of relaxation for them. Remember you are your pets whole world and the more stability you can give your pets the healthier emotionally they will be.

Just like our pets know the time when you return home from work, or going for a walk, breakfast time etc. Our pets rely on us to lay predictable foundations of our daily lives. For example have any of you ever experienced how your pet acts if you stay up later than usual and don’t go to bed at your regular bedtimes? I can guarantee for most of you your pets will try some way to get you to go to bed, they may even get really pushy about it becoming extra verbal, running back and forth to the bedroom looking at you hoping you get the hint, or downright herding you. This is all because you’re messing up their schedules of what to comfortably predict and they’re ready to chill with you.

In most cases when it gets dark outside and the house quiets down pets do also. Many of them look forward to this time when they know you are going to be still and they can finally snuggle with you undisturbed. Think about it we all have our busy schedules between work, family and who knows what else. We fit our pets in our schedules for their feeding times, walks, playtime etc. but the truth is even though they love all that, they love it when you’re still also so they can settle down and be close to you without distractions.

I have a funny story here about my Mom & her dog BISCUIT. Every night my Mom likes to read before going to sleep and BISCUIT is usually tired and ready to retire before she is. Every night when she gets into bed with her book and tries to coax BISCUIT in bed with her while she reads, he won’t do it because she fidgets (she has a hard time being still) but as soon as the light goes off he hops right into bed because he knows she is finally going to settle down. This cracks me up because he wants to be close to her , but he also wants her to be still and he won’t come to her until she is.

I say all this because going forward why not make a set bedtime ritual around bedtime if you don’t already have one. Not only will it help your pets sleep and relax better it will help you as well. In our house we have a going to bed ceremony every night & my dog HONEYDEW Loves it!

I have a very busy schedule, always on the go or on the phone and after dinner I start to relax to clock down from the day. I’ve never been a person when my head hits the pillow I knock out. I’m the type of person who has to decompress from the day and shut my brain off before I can sleep. I’ve always had pets and they love my bedtime ritual. You can totally borrow this if you want to try it, it’s easy and best of al it works and your pets will love it.

It goes something like this….

My boudoir or bedroom is all decked out Daniele style to relax. I have a long string of my favorite color Christmas lights of pink, red, blue, green and yellow fitly adhered around our big picture window for ambiance lighting.

A large Himalayan pink salt lamp dimly lit on a small table adding soft light to the serene mood.

A large candle of Lavender/Chamomile that I light when I come in.

My massage pillow I have set up on both sides for my husband and I to relax stressed muscles after a long work day. Both have 3 levels of massage and heat if desired.

A large cup of Chamomile tea steeping on my bedside table.

A black & white movie, PBS animal special, documentary or smooth jazz playing on low.

I turn off my phone, set my alarm

Before I venture into the bedroom I wash my face, brush my teeth and change into my night clothes. Next I look at HONEYDEW and say are you ready? This cues her that I’m heading to the bedroom and she gets really excited. I usually pick her up snuggling and smooching her all the way. Once we’re in the bedroom I lay her on the bed and tell her get your spot, which she does promptly. Then I get into bed beside her and she snuggles in.

Now granted I don’t fall asleep for a couple of hours but this ritual is so awesome because it lets her know I’m done for the day and I’m all hers. We cuddle & snuggle for a bit and she falls asleep and shortly my husband joins us and then he & I fall fast asleep too afterwards.

Your bedtime ritual may not be as elaborate as mine, but you get the drift create something that lets your pet know I’m done with the world and now it’s time just for us. They will look forward to it and so will you.

I’d love to hear about your bedtime rituals that you have with your pets. Until next time SWEET DREAMS & remember PETS RULE!






“What’s Your PETS Bedtime Routine?…”