The simple answer when it comes to your pets is EVERYTHING. And YES this picture might as well have been me as a little girl because I’ve been training pets since forever and loving every minute of it.

Whether you have a CATS or DOGS (yes I said CATS) as pets it is essential that YOU take the role as the ALPHA PACK LEADER always. Did you know that your pets will not respect you if you do not take this role with them? Yes I know it might be harsh to you to hear this but it’s true.

When you learn how to be an effective Pack Leader you unlock the primitive nature inside of your pets to follow, respect and obey you. This is not about bossing them around it is about setting a firm foundation of balance and harmony. Also when your pets respect you as their ALPHA PACK LEADER it’s a protection for them. In the case of an emergency what ever that may look like having the assurance that your pets will listen to you despite whatever distraction is going on around them is imperative. Meaning it’s absolutely necessary.

Most people only want to shower their pets with affection and love. This is never enough whether your kids are fur children or human. It’s out of balance because it lacks structure, discipline and boundaries. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for loving on animals and children but everything has it’s place and timing.

When things are too one sided there is chaos. Have you ever seen a child with no discipline? If they don’t get their way they start to act out… well the same goes for your pets.

So how does one go about being a true ALPHA PACK LEADER. Well first of all let me also say this isn’t about being a bully, harsh or mean. You can do this with total positive reinforcement  by setting boundaries, Learning the 3 voice tones, and communicating consistently what is allowed and what is not.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Step 1 – Becoming your pets ALPHA PACK LEADER begins on the first day you have them. Setting this foundation right away sets you up for success and communicates your roles clearly. Decide BEFORE you get your pet what kind you want. Have in mind what you want from them and be realistic about it. Decide where they are allowed and not allowed in the house. If they are allowed on the furniture and which pieces. Where they are to sleep. What kind of diet they should have. You get the idea, and try to stick to whatever boundaries you set so you don’t send mixed signals.

Step 2 – Do some inner work on yourself. What I mean is something I truly believe in “So A Man Thinketh So He Is” Simply explained you are who you believe you are. This goes for both Men & Women. Both have different strengths and both are necessary. If you are a Woman  you have the Mommy thing down and probably need to balance it out with authoritative energy. If you are a Man you have the authority thing down but need to balance it out with a softer energy. As I said BOTH are needed. This is what I call the 3 essential VoiceTones it’s part of what I teach all my clients THE BEIJO METHOD. Nail these and you will always communicate with clarity to your pets. Animals respond first to body language second to voice tones. PLEASE practice these first alone then with your pet.

ALPHA – This voice is to be used to let your pet know you mean business. It is lower & deeper from your diaphragm and a little louder (but not yelling) than your usual voice. It is accompanied by a serious look and erect tall body posture. This is very effective if done properly. There will actually come a time when you can just shoot a look to your pet and they will know you mean business without you speaking a single word.

MATERNAL – This is the Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me time cuddling in your lap or on the couch with affection. It is a higher pitched voice tone but not as high as the Praise tone. It is to be used when you’re snuggling with your pet and yes smile with eye contact and  kiss, kiss kiss. Most of you are already an expert with this one.

PRAISE – This is going to be the voice used frequently when training It is a High Pitched tone accompanied by a big smile, clapping and affection. Picture yourself as your pets personal cheerleader. Whens they do something they’re supposed to you’re going to celebrate it like it’s Christmas time. 

Step 3 – Practice your body language. As I mentioned pets respond more to your body language than your voice. So when you’re in ALPHA PACK LEADER mode with your pet there can never be slouchy shoulders and bad posture. Practice walking with them standing up straight with squared shoulders and walk a little heavier than normal. This body language communicates AUTHORITY. You will see you pet will automatically follow you and be more attentive. Looking for you to tell them what to do next.

Step 4 – Begin to interact with your pet physically. As I mentioned earlier there is a time for affection and training especially if this is a new pet, but even if your pet isn’t new the following will still be effective. Begin in an area with just you and your pet … no others around. Make sure the space is quiet and small until you get better at this exercise. This is called TICKLE FINGERS and it’s important because it will bond you and your pet closer together. So that whenever you call your pets name they will immediately come to you.

TICKLE FINGERS – This is going increase the positive reinforcement to COME to you when your pet is called. When you do this it will immediately communicate affection to your pet. This will keep them engaged with positive reinforcement

2. TICKLE FINGERS is demonstrated by lowering your hand a bit in front of your pet palm up and SLOWLY wiggling each of your fingers like come here. When you do this accompany it with KISSY noises and call your pets name. When they come PRAISE them with GOOD GIRL or BOY.

3. Begin by doing this randomly in a small space and reward your pet with a small treat when they come to you. HERD your pets around by using TICKLE FINGERS. To prepare start seated on one side of the room & Please have some  cookies with you to give as a reward.

4. Call your pet over  with kissy noises and tickle fingers. When they come PRAISE them with affection and give them one cookie with your opened palm lowered in front of them.
5. As your pet begins to get good at this herd them around the house without having to call their name just demonstrate the TICKLE FINGERS and keep their focus on you and every once and awhile when they come PRAISE them and give them one treat.
7. This will start to lay the foundation of your pets coming to you quickly when they are called. Practice this consistently everyday.

This is the first foundation of becoming your pets ALPHA PACK LEADER and like I said it works equally for CATS & DOGS. Being your pets ALPHA PACK LEADER simply means you are in control… so act like it. Never reward your pet with affection or treats until they have done what you’ve asked them to do. This will automatically put you in a leadership role and not have you be viewed as an equal in their eyes. Practice this everyday until your pet responds to you smoothly and quickly and then you’ll be ready for part 2.

It would be my pleasure to set up a private pet session with you and your pets so can be shown more step by step effective training. Just call (310) 743-9643 until next time…



“What’s ALPHA Got To Do With It ? … “