Let’s take a minute and think about this together… Why were you drawn to your pet in the first place? Believe it or not there is some science behind your answer. Our pets are mirror images of us in many ways. Maybe you and your pet don’t necessarily look alike like the picture above… or maybe you do. I can assure you that you share personality traits, shared behaviors, bad habits, social habits and similar likes and dislikes about people and many, many, more things.

I always ask people when I begin to work with them why did you pick this pet to be your fur kid? Or how did they come to be part of your family? The answers 90% of the time is because of the reasons listed above somehow. I truly believe we in most cases we don’t pick our pets they pick us. Not to be all WOO WOO here but most of the time it’s TRUE.

We are drawn to our specific pets for very spiritual reasons and they to us. In most cases I will say the pets are smarter than we humans. They tend to recognize us before we recognize them and they know exactly what we need emotionally in most cases before we do. We people underestimate  the intelligence of pets and animals generally. They are quite capable of understanding and communicating not only love but many other characteristics.

This is the main reason they chose us or we chose them in the first place. So does this mean we all have blown up ego’s because all we want to do is duplicate ourselves? It’s quite the contrary I can assure you.

What I have observed in all my years as a Pet Behaviorist/Whisperer… and yes all my clients already know what I’m going to say.  Pets bring out the truth in us. They are the very mirror of our soul… it’s a very deep spiritual thing.

Sometimes, actually a lot of times a pet is the only being that can get through to a person ( Oh thank GOD for that). They are sometimes the only one we feel we can trust to be ourselves without judgement in this more than often than not cynical, critical, quick to judge world without compassion.

Those little, or big bundles of fur know exactly what to do to get into your heart. I’ll give you an example, awhile back there was a movie called “As Good As It Gets” with Jack Nicholson (it’s an awesome movie if you haven’t seen it).

Anyhow, Jack’s character was a very rude, unpleasant individual who had very serious social issues and didn’t get along with people at all. One day his gay neighbor had an accident and couldn’t care for his beloved little dog (who Jack’s character had just put down the trash chute in his apartment complex by the way)  and Jack was asked to keep the little dog until his owner got back home from the hospital.

Long story short, Jack’s character ended up becoming very attached and falling in love with the little dog. By the time the owner returned home he didn’t want to give the dog back… and not only that the dog had become attached to him too.

So what happened here? Well the little dog ended up taking on some of Jack’s habits & personality traits (mirroring him) such as not stepping on the cracks on the sidewalk when they went for walks. Well, of course this melted Jack down to the ground and he fell in love with the little dog knowing he wouldn’t be judged because of his issues.

This is what I mean, the dog  just accepted and loved him and that’s the gift all our pets give us is consistent unconditional love 24/7 and it’s AWESOME!

So a lot of times when I start working with clients I look to the animal to see the truth. Whatever is going on with the animal is going on somehow, somewhere with with the human. Help the human and you help the animal it’s how it works folks… TRULY IT IS.

That’s the simple version… of course it’s a little more complicated than this but you get the point. This is why when I first start working with a client I ask the question”Why did you pick this pet?” Most of the time believe it or not the owner of the pet doesn’t know…. But I can assure you the pet knows.

Pets have no filters. This is what I love about them they are brutally honest. “I like you, I don’t like you, I’m hungry, I’m scared or I don’t trust you. Also pets feel and express the things we hide. For example… Are you a control freak? Well, you may portray that to the world but I bet at home your pet gets to SEE and FEEL the real you… and as a result he/she probably has anxiety issues because of this.

Another great point here to mention is sometimes people get pets with personalities they wish they had. For example Are you shy… but secretly want to be an extrovert? You might be attracted to a people person kind of pet because inside you want to be that way and you may or may not be aware of it.

It’s a very interesting concept isn’t it? Whether we are aware of it or not our pets are speaking the truth for us and isn’t it wonderful? One way or another we are communicating what we need and who we are at all times. It’s so great our pets get us and observe who we really are and accept us always.

Sometimes the help you want and need comes to you covered in fur. As I’ve said and will continue saying “Pets are the best THERAPISTS you’re ever going to get for free.”

I LOVE WHAT I DO! I feel privileged and honored every time I get the opportunity to do it. So THANK YOU to all of you! You are in my heart and GREATLY, GREATLY APPRECIATED!