Did you know there is a Simple, Easy, Effective way to get your dog or cat to listen to you? YES I’m really serious 🙂 I do it & teach it to my clients all the time with GREAT SUCCESS over and over again. 

It requires YOU to be totally focused and dedicated to the process to get these AMAZING results you want, need & deserve. Why you may ask am I focusing on the participation of the HUMAN PARENT FIRST?

It’s because your pets are secondary in this process. The main focus is on YOU. If you can learn & apply how to be a successful ALPHA, your Dog or Cat (yes I said cat 🙂 will recognize you as their LEADER and automatically adjust their behavior and attitude to willingly listen to your guidance because they will trust you on a deeper level… it is instinctual, they are hardwired to do it… and so are we by the way. 

Yes I know you may assume or think you know what I’m talking about… but hear me out okay? I am not speaking about being aggressive, or becoming a bully with your pets. Most of you have rescue pets and that is the ABSOLUTE WRONG APPROACH to take with them. Because most rescues have already endured such hardship and meanness in the world before they met you that to take that approach would just jeopardize all the delicate trust you have created.

Do aggressive tactics work? Yes in some cases but I promise they are not necessary. Anybody can get someone to bend to their will by being a bully and using fear, but what a poor excuse for a human being you would be for stooping to that level.

What I’m speaking about is connecting with your pet on a deeper level that will breakthrough their emotional & psychological barriers and communicate & teach a NEW BEHAVIOR of TRUST.

So how do you go about doing this? The first step is to find out what kind of personality you’re dealing with. YES pets have individual personalities just like us and knowing what kind they have will grant you access to easily Train & Understand them. So let me pause and say if you haven’t taken my Pet Personality Assessment Evaluation Quiz yet you need to go do that IMMEDIATELY and you will understand what I’m saying. It’s FREE, FUN & it’s very accurate. Go to askdaniele4petsshop.com and take the Pet Personality test today.

This is the first step I take when meeting a new client and they’re pets. Most pets are 1 personality type but occasionally you’ll met a pet that is a combo. After I know who & what I’m dealing with I specifically explain this to the human parent because in my book CLARITY IS KING.

Next…. And this is crucial I start to teach the human parent how to properly represent the ALPHA to their pets. The basic foundation of this is something I refer to as “So A Man THINKETH So He Is” what that simply means is if you can get the proper mindset inside and believe it you will act like it on the outside.

This takes practice but it is so worth it. I’ll tell you a SECRET… Not only will you accomplish great things with your pets but it translates into your entire life. Most clients after learning this experience great improvements in their personal lives. For example they become more confident in themselves, they communicate better with people around them and in most cases their health improves and they’re happier and all around more balanced individuals.

This process I teach does involve some spiritual work… Meaning for most people to really focus I have to teach a simple type of meditation to get them to be present that involves controlling their breath and getting in touch with their bodies.

Then I go into body posture. To an animal body language speaks more clearly than words and once you learn this your pets will know immediately when you mean business. So I have to state the obvious you do not have to yell or repeat things over and over to them to get results.

Next I teach the 3 voice tones that you will use over and over again with your pets

1.  ALPHA Voice – This voice is deeper from your diaphragm and you will use it when giving a command or discipline with direct eye contact. This is very effective once learned. To be honest most women have a challenge with this one… but I have step by step easy process to teach them that’s very effective.

2. MATERNAL Voice – This voice is high pitched &  to be used when snuggle time is happening and affection is being given. Now to be honest most men have a challenge with this voice… but again I have a step by step easy process to teach them that’s very effective.

3. PRAISE Voice – This is voice you use when your pet has done something correct that you’ve asked. It is Loud and high pitched accompanied with a big smile and affection. Think cheerleader with pom pom’s.

To do this justice I would like to personally demonstrate it to you… That’s why I have put together a program called ALPHA TRAINING 101 to go over this specifically with you and guarantee your success for years to come with your pets.

If you are interested I would love the opportunity to show you the AWESOME PROCESS so you can start getting results today. Get in touch and remember help is one phone call away (310) 743-9643