Well, as a matter of fact YESSSSSS they are. Did you know that is scientifically proven that pets help you live longer, healthier, more enriched lives. They automatically even out your blood pressure, make you laugh more than you usually do, take away the blues of depression, loneliness, are great sleep buddies and always keep your warm on those cold winter nights.

The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) Foundation announced the findings of a new economic study on the healthcare cost savings associated with pet ownership. The economic analysis, conducted by two researchers from George Mason University, calculated an $11.7 billion savings in U.S. healthcare costs as a result of pet ownership.

There was abundant research to show that pets have a positive effect on our health, but this is the first time that anyone has looked at the impact on the U.S. healthcare system. Is this not AWESOME?

Scientists are now digging up evidence that animals can also help improve mental health, even for people with challenging disorders. Though the studies are small, the benefits are impressive enough that clinical settings are opening their doors to animal-assisted interventions–pet therapy, in other words–used alongside conventional medicine.  Now, I don’t know of any major children’s hospital that doesn’t have at least some kind of animal program.

The rise of animal therapy is backed by increasingly serious science showing that social support, a proven antidote to anxiety and loneliness–can come on four legs, not just two. Animals of many types can help calm stress, fear and anxiety in young children, the elderly and everyone in between. They can get in close with people when sometimes the human presence of professionals can’t.

The cure for loneliness goes for both of the sexes by the way. Our pets have the invisible award for being loneliness erasers and smile enhancers. Sometimes… actually, most of the time the one coming to save you isn’t a knight on a white horse or something that grandiose. It just possibly may be covered in fur, doesn’t speak your language, but speaks a language you understand and usually isn’t that big.

I say this all of the time our pets and animals are greatly underestimated for their ability to communicate, understand our needs, compassion and most of all intelligence. We may be the top of the food chain but that does not mean animals are inferior to us. We have more in common with them and they with us than not and their loyalty is unmatched, not to mention their unconditional love.

The perfect antidote for loneliness in many seniors is a furry family member of their very own that matches their personality and needs. I have successfully placed many pets with seniors and you know what?… whatever their physical state, mental and emotional ailments may be they all of the sudden began to improve and have a better quality of life.

Not to mention all of the single ladies and gentlemen I come across everyday. You never have to dread coming home to an empty house or apartment when you have a pet. No matter what kind of day you’ve had your pet is excited to see you with unbridled enthusiasm that never gets old.

Most of the time pets in the home with children serve as the first duty of responsibility. When children are shown properly how to care for pets they grow up to be wonderful caretakers, less self centered, more compassionate and generous citizens in society.

A lot of times pets are the first children we have before we go on to have human children of our own, they prepare us for parenthood in many ways. Just please when you do decide to have children introduce your pet to your new addition the right way and don’t discard them when they’re old.

Now a days there are all kind of meet & greets for single people with pets to get together and socialize, date, go on hikes, picnics and a host of various extra curricular activities available that are pet friendly. Just make sure you have socialized your pet properly to be around people and other animals so everyone can get along.

Resident pets in senior facilities are a Godsend. I’ve personally placed many cats in this type of living situation and the patients along with the cats thrive living together. Many senior homes are depressing, because family members do not come and visit the elderly. So our furry friends are a great comfort emotionally and physically to the residents on a daily basis.

Also did you know our pets in many cases motivate us to get up, keep moving and get out of the house? Even if it’s just for a short walk or potty break YOU are getting valuable exercise and some fresh air, tell me who doesn’t need more of that? I’ve met so many people who’ve lost some weight because now they have a pet to take care of.

I could go on and on with the benefits of having pets but the most important fact about having a or getting a pet is that not only are they a cure for loneliness but YOU are probably saving a life especially if you adopt a rescue pet. Not only are they your cure for loneliness but YOU are their cure also and a chance for a good life and family. If you feel you are ready to adopt a pet of your own I would be more than happy to find, place and train the exact right pet for your personality, family and needs all you gotta do is ask 🙂 It would be pleasure (310) 743-9643


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“Is YOUR PET The PERFECT Cure For Loneliness?…”