Has the Green eyed monster made an appearance in your furry family member yet? Oh yeah… didn’t you know pets have jealous tendencies just like we do.

As a matter of fact when pets are jealous they make it very clear how they’re feeling and who it is they are feeling that way about.

So what’s a loving pet owner to do? Well before you pull your hair out…

First things first. Whether your pet is jealous of another pet or a human the goal is to convey the message to them that the spot they hold in your heart is just for them and no one could possibly take their place.

Secondly they have to learn AND LEARN IT EARLY in your relationship that they have to share you. One of the main mistakes I see pet owners make is when they recognize their pet is having jealous issues they ignore it or tease them and make fun of the situation… BIG MISTAKE!

This only reinforces  your pets behavior to act this way and trust me you don’t want that.

When your pet is behaving jealously it is because he or she has claimed you as their territory and they’re saying HEY THIS BELONGS TO ME! This is especially common if your pet is a rescue or if you don’t socialize them with other animals and people.

A lot of times rescues especially have had rough life before you got them and they had to fight for everything… I mean EVERYTHING, Food, Water, Shelter and Safety it’s a war zone out there in the big bad world guys and you have to learn to be tough or you won’t survive.

So when you adopt one of these guys and they finally figure out that this is my home, with my food and my owner who loves me… of course they don’t want to share. Or worse they’re still insecure and feel that this home is temporary and I’m going to be homeless again soon.

It makes sense this primal response in pets. Sometimes pets will act this way towards other people in your life as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called because a pet doesn’t get along with someone’s spouse or other family members.

I mean I’ve had situations where pets are peeing and pooping in the persons shoes that they are jealous of… or worse trying to bite them EEEK!

Are you single? Well a pet is a great way to add to your family and your life. Just keep in mind all that attention you’re giving them is wonderful but make sure to introduce them to other animals and people or you’re going to have an issue on your hands.

I can’t tell you how many times a pet has growled at new love or family member when it was bedtime and they had to share the bed. Most scenario’s go like this… it’s time for bed everybody gets their jammies on and Fido or Kitty is laying right in the spot where your significant other is supposed to lay… and as soon as that person or pet tries to get in the bed guess what? You got it attitude central.

The only way to diffuse this kind of situation is slowly. If your pet is acting possessive because of another animal or human it’s because they’ve got to share their best treasure in the whole world YOU.

Be patient here and for God sakes don’t yell or become aggressive with your furry baby.

If the object of jealousy is another animal start off by having both animals sit peacefully together (not too close at first one on one side of you and the other on the other side of you) start petting your pet first and the other pet also make sure to speak sweetly to both and give cookies first to your pet and then to the other animal. Make sure to continually stroke and pet your pet and observe them closely while doing this.

When your pet starts to growl say “NO” and continue stroking them but make sure both animals stay seated.

Soon you will see the growling will stop and other antics… such as smacking with the paw or biting. Whatever you do here stay calm and consistently reinforce that your pet has to share.

Depending on how stubborn your pet is will determine how long a time your in for. Be consistent and soon they will come around.

Getting Fido or Kitty to accept and share you with another person is a little more tricky. The most important thing here is the other person in your life CANNOT PUSH THEMSELVES on your pet. That would make your pet act out worse because they would feel in some way betrayed by you and we never want to do that.

The best way I’ve found to begin including another person into you family circle is to first properly introduce them to your pet (hopefully they are an animal lover) then have them participate in pleasurable activities such as play time and walks. Take turns letting them hold the leash and interact with toys… and for God sakes DON’T FORGET THE TREATS!

Have them come over at least 2 to 3 times a week for about 2 months consistently and make the interaction as pleasurable as possible. Also try having your guest buy them a gift and have them present it to your pet in your presence with lots of affection. After all everybody loves gifts :).

If this goes well then you can try your guest spending the night make sure your pet feels included and is not kicked off the bed entirely or out the room. This way they will feel they are not being neglected. Keep in mind they still won’t be thrilled with the idea of sharing but with time they will adjust.

Everything in this scenario depends primarily on you pet owner… your reaction, persistence and consistency will determine the outcome here. You have to out will your furry family member to be successful. After awhile  they will see this new pet or person coming around isn’t a threat to their world and they will accept them on some level.

They may not be as close to them as you want but they will be able to act civil toward them… and I’m sure you can live with that 🙂 until next time…


“Does Your PET Have A Bad Case Of The GREEN EYED MONSTER?…”