BY0FHM domestic cat lifting paw - Clicker training

So what do you think?… Well the truth is OF COURSE YOU CAN! Cats are extremely intelligent and love to learn. You just have to learn how to communicate the right way to get them and keep them interested.

Yeah, Yeah I know what you’re probably thinking I’ve heard it all before… Cats aren’t very affectionate. Cats are moody. You can’t tell a Cat what to do etc. The truth is although Cats very much have their own minds and are extremely independent, you can’t label them all the same. They are individuals with their own unique personalities. So I say KNOW THY FELINE before you judge.

Yes for the most part you might have to work a little harder to get your kitty to bond with you in the beginning unlike most of our fellow canines, but they’re worth it. You will discover once you have that bond your cat is capable of not only affection, but tremendous loyalty, trust and friendship once you’ve proven you’re worthy.

The main foundation to getting your cat interested in training is do not force… Invite. What I mean here is do not get pushy & impatient with your kitty about what you want them to do. Instead make your objective so enticing they can’t resist and in turn they will want to do it.

In general most Cats cannot resist yummy treats. Now I’m not talking about your run of the mill prepared kitty treats from the store. Make this treat special, something they don’t get everyday… Like a piece of succulent, salt free, oven roasted chicken… you get the idea.

Next you’ve got to tap into your kitties curiosity. This involves thinking outside of the box mental stimulation. For example instead of giving a piece of chicken to start, tease them a bit. Let them smell the scent of chicken in the air (or whatever special goodie you pick) and make mmmm mmm good sounds while they are watching you.

Then just let then lick the juice from off your finger tips. This will get them in the mood to cooperate with you. Next put the treat in particular container, something they will recognize that includes this yummy treat. Now after you’ve built the suspense successfully it’s time to get started.

Start by having the environment you’re training in free of distractions and noise. Take your container and let your kitty recognize it and let them sniff and lick your fingers, then walk away making sure they are following you.

Once they are fixated on you it’s time to start. Hand feed your kitty a small piece of chicken to start from your opened palm. Then pause and say Good boy or girl, take a few seconds here before repeating.

How to train your cat to SIT

Draw your kitties attention to the chicken in your hand, but this time don’t present it with your opened palm put it between your fingers. Now tell your cat to SIT, raise the treat hand above his head and a little toward the back so his head lifts and gently push his rear end downwards toward a sitting position. You will probably find he resists the first time or 2, so don’t be too forceful. Apply gentle pressure for a couple of seconds at most and then stop. When he sits give him the chicken and reward with good boy. Practice this no more than 3 times in a row or kitty will become uninterested.

Home to train your cat to STAY

Only do this if you have successfully done the SIT command with your cat. Once your cat is in the seated position. Give the command STAY this should be said ONE time accompanied with your palm facing them like stop. Then back away  1 foot keeping your eyes connected to them. If they move start over with SIT. Stay patient here and don’t get frustrated or your cat will pick up on that and become discouraged. Once you’ve gotten them to STAY for a couple of seconds, when they come to you reward them with some chicken and start again. Do not do this exercise more than 3 times in a row.

How to get your cat to COME

Once you’ve gotten your cat to successfully STAY. Stoop down a little toward them and say COME accompany this command with (TICKLE FINGERS) your palm lowered a bit, palm up and wiggle your fingers like come here. When they come PRAISE them with affection and some chicken.

POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT & consistency is the way to win your feline family members over. If you would like to get more in depth one on one training for my awesome step by step process of training your cat just call and book your personal in-home session today & I’ll be glad to demonstrate and teach you  (310) 743-9643


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“SERIOUSLY… Can You Really Train Your CAT?”