Well it’s that time of year again. Summer’s over and kids are going back to school, whether they be in grade school or college & work schedules for everybody are changing too. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder.

Do you ever wonder if & how this affects your pets?…

Well it does in a BIG way for both DOGS & CATS. Pets are very schedule oriented and this article will give you some handy tips you can apply to make this shift smoother and with a lot less anxiety for everyone involved.

Anytime you can take a moment and successfully communicate to your pets it helps them adjust in so many ways that in the end benefit everyone. Our pets are part of the family unit and when they don’t understand what is going on they become insecure and full of anxiety which can cause them to act out in many unpleasant ways behaviorally, emotionally and in some extreme cases make them physically sick.

I can honestly tell you all pets are aware of when things are changing around them because they are so deeply connected to us… they can actually feel it even when you try to hide it. So the best approach is to include them in the changes from the beginning so that they understand and are prepared.

Your pets emotional state in most cases is on the average far more sensitive than we humans, for the mere fact that YOU are the center of their world and everything revolves & is focused around and with you.

So when they sense something is changing with us, they process the change very differently then we would and if left unaddressed  they become unstable in their minds & emotions.

So how does one avoid this? One of the main things you should do is always observe your pet. Know what is normal for them. Know when they are stressed & unhappy.

Have their eating habits changed? Do they not enjoy playing and being social like always? Are they losing weight? Are they withdrawing themselves and acting shy? These and many other key questions will be indicators of stress.

Apply These SIMPLE Useful Tips today and get results!

1. Prepare for the shift by purchasing an all natural CALMING FORMULA. I recommend Rescue Remedy by BACH. It can be used for both Cats & Dogs and it works like a charm. Apply the natural drops to Fido or Kitty’s favorite treat to help their nervous system balance out.

It’s similar to you having a cup of Chamomile tea in the evening to take the edge off from the stress of the day to help you relax. This remedy can be given more than once a day if needed. I would recommend doing it every night before bedtime a week before school begins and then administer it when you leave them alone at home after that. In most cases natural remedies work just fine but if you have a severe case of anxiety in a pet consult your vet for medication.

2. ACTIVITY & EXERCISE Listen endorphin’s work for everybody. Get your pets heart rate up by actively playing with them. For FIDO a vigorous walk involving play such as tug of war or a romping game of chase will help relax and work out all that stored up energy. For Kitty a new toy involving fetch and laser romping will get Kitty’s heart rate up.

3. Stimulate That Mind! For Fido a Food Puzzle with their favorite treats on the inside to occupy hours of fun engagement. For Kitty put a bird feeder outside by a window where their condo is placed to watch all the action of nature (just make sure they can’t get in close proximity to it) or a battery operated toy of some critter inside the house that moves at will.

Give these toys when you start to pack and your pet is around and leave out for them when you leave home to keep their minds stimulated.

4. PET MASSAGE Yes your pets can benefit from getting a massage just like you. This will help keep those muscles loose and stress low. It works beautifully for them and make sure it is accompanied by Soft Smooth Jazz or Light Classical. These are guaranteed pet favorites and give true peace.

I could go on & on (for more specifics give me a call 310 743-9643) but whatever you choose IT WILL HELP, and lastly talk to your pets. Don’t avoid them by being so distracted by all the activity. Speak to them calmly and assure them that their place in their home is safe and they will never be abandoned…. WHAT! Didn’t you know pets can understand when you take time and Calmly, Lovingly speak with them looking in their eyes?

They may not understand the exact words coming out of your mouth but they will get the message PLEASE DO NOT EVER UNDERESTIMATE THEIR INTELLIGENCE. Our pets are far more Brilliant than we give them credit.

Until next time REMEMBER PETS RULE!

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“Are Your PETS Ready For BACK TO SCHOOL?…”