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WHEW it’s HOT! Let’s see am I prepared for the sun? Yep… Slathered on plenty of sunscreen?… Check. Got my hat?…. Check. Got some water?…. Check. Okay looks like I’m ready, I’ll grab the leash and here we go!

Wait a second guys… Is your pet also prepared for the sizzling sun outside?

Most people don’t even think twice about how hot the burning concrete outside can be on your pets paws. One thing is for sure your pet probably won’t let you know they’re in discomfort or in some cases pain until later on. So how can you tell if they are? 

Well for starters all skips while walking doesn’t mean your pet is happy or excited. On a hot day this body language often indicates your pets paws are burning and they are in discomfort, but they are so excited to be with you and out that in most cases they don’t complain until it’s too late… or in some cases they never do.

I see this all too often. A pet owner is all decked out for the sun and walking happily along with their pet totally unaware of how their pet is walking. Their head held high focusing on where they are going and what they have to do, leash in hand and just walking along. 

Did you know if the concrete is too hot for you stand on it in your bare feet it’s too hot hot for your furry friends also?

The average temperature of concrete on a hot summer day is around 120 degrees or higher WOWSA OUCH! Your pets paws are very, very sensitive with multiple nerve endings in them and can be badly burned and blistered.

To avoid this from happening you PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME UNTIL IT COOLS OFF! 

It you have to go outside consider purchasing some doggie boots. They come in various sizes, colors and styles and are perfect for the canine fashionista. Or for our smaller doggies and cats get a pet stroller, your furry friend might not get the exercise you’ve intended … but they can be pushed around in style while being shielded from the sun.

* Some MORE of my Personal Favorite PET items for Hot Weather *

1. I personally recommend Jo Jo”s natural peppermint paw cream. It’s 100% organic and all natural.

2. Or you can try Only natural pets herbal ointment. Both are excellent products for burnt pawsies and can be applied to paws after too much sun.

3. Also before you leave out the door don’t forget to take a collapsable bowl for your pet to drink water from and plenty of aqua. Pets need to hydrate extra often on hot days. Please make sure to NEVER GIVE YOUR PET TAP WATER it causes kidney stones among other health issues.

4. For itchy skin from allergies and insect bites I LOVE – REDI CARE – Natural Healing Spray. You can order it online… it works great and won’t stain your furniture.


Make doggie & Kitty popsicles for the summer 🙂 Take unsalted chicken broth (or your pets favorite broth… just make sure it’s sodium free) and dilute with filtered water and freeze into ice cubes. Get a special treat dish and serve! Soon your pet will look forward to it when you go to the freezer… just like Beijo does.

Enjoy the sun everybody be safe and take care of each other… REMEMBER PETS RULE!

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“How Can YOU Tell If Your PETS PAWS Are Being Roasted?…”