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It’s a well know FACT… That having and getting treats makes the world go round.

This is true for humans as well as animals. We all look forward to that certain favorite goodie in our lives. Whether it involves a Holiday celebration, an accomplishment, or just a little something to make us feel good. Taste buds are the way to go.

This is also true for our pets. Who hasn’t been won over by those big, beautiful eyes looking up at you requesting something yummy to eat? Who could say no to that face? I know I’ve been there LOTS of times. Just remember balance people or weight problems are on the horizon… not to mention health issues in pets and people… DUH I know you are aware of this 🙂

Did you know having a TREAT motivated pet has major benefits? Yep it’s true! You can train better and get results more quickly. As a Pet Behaviorist/Whisperer I see all kinds of animals and not all of them are motivated by getting a yummy treat. This is especially true of RESCUES (which are my specialty) Most rescues have major fear and anxiety challenges because they have been abused and their trust of humans in particular has been betrayed.

To get through to these animals takes work and patience to know how to break through and then get them to have hope and trust again… but it is possible.

If a pet is treat motivated I can communicate with them more quickly. Then getting them to focus and do what I want them to do is simpler… and more FUN. When you reward with treats make them  A GOOD ONE. As many of you know my TRAINING CHICKEN IS THE BOMB! 

Did you know the biggest part of having treat motivated pets is to build and maintain momentum?

Yep, as many of you here know me, you’ve heard me say “your pet has to earn their treats.” Why? Because it will make the reward that much, more tasty and satisfying. This is true of humans also. Don’t believe me?

Check it out, let’s say your favorite dessert is Pumpkin Pie. You usually have this dessert on your Thanksgiving holiday. All year long you think about it… Yummy Thanksgiving is coming and I can’t wait to taste Mom’s HOMEMADE Pumpkin Pie. As you think about it you can almost smell it, and then that first bite… HEAVEN.

But in actuality it’s not just about eating the pie. It’s about all the festivities that surround having this wonderful dessert. You get to see relatives and friends you don’t see very often and share a good meal and memories. People are happy and not bogged down by usual pressures of life. There is music and decorations and for that moment you feel peace and you feel loved.

Now be honest, if you had Pumpkin Pie everyday it would loose it’s Za Za Zoo factor and then just a be a run of the mill occurrence in your life. What a crime that would be.

Okay so maybe I laid it on a bit thick… but you get the idea. Well the same goes for our pets if you give GREAT treats all the time for everything you can visibly see their WOW factor gets lost. I don’t care even if it’s my famous TRAINING CHICKEN.

You have to make them earn their treats and when you’re teaching them something really important make it a really good treat you will see the difference in them immediately. Just like people it’s not all about the treats it’s about sharing a positive experience.

Pets know when you’re happy. They are very responsive to laughter and all kinds of emotions. This is the main reason I teach my clients the 3 voice tones, because it makes communicating to your pets a breeze (to find out about the 3 voice tones email me and I’ll be glad to explain).

Isn’t it true that a BEING, whether human or animal generally behaves better when they know that they are understood? Of course we all do. To have that comfort zone of being understood and wanted is a priceless gift and everybody desires and needs it.

Having a treat motivated pet is awesome. You can strategically motivate your pet to learn and do all kinds of things with the right tools, patience and love.

* Here’s a little checklist to follow when giving TREATS*

1. Just remember when giving treats make the experience count. Don’t give them everyday for everything, make it special.

2. Before you do give the treat take time to build momentum. Let your pet see you prepare something extra delicious for them, and talk to them while you’re preparing it Ex. See what Mommy has for you. This way they will be anticipating something wonderful.

3. When you do give the SPECIAL treat to them make sure it’s in small pieces. Most people give too much too quickly. Not only is this not necessary but it can lead to weight gain, so pace yourself and them. Hand feed small pieces of the treats to your pets one at a time.

4. Have a plan. Ex. like a brand new training where they will only get a specific treat as a reward and they won’t get it for anything else.

5. Make sure you make the experience FUN. Have some enthusiasm surrounding treat time. Pets love it when we’re excited and happy… It’s contagious you know.

Until next time REMEMBER PETS RULE!

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