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Our PETS are our Babies… & Our FAMILY. We all have in case of emergency cards for our children, our elderly parents and valuable property, but in most cases pet owners don’t have anything in place for their furry family members in case an unexpected emergency happens.

If some kind of unexpected emergency happens to you what will happen to your pets? Who will be alerted to step in and take care of them if you can’t call and make arrangements yourself?

Well, NOW we have that covered for you.

Now you can rest assured that your furry family member will be taken care of by the people of your choosing. If you’re like me your pets have their own Godmother, Godfather, Aunt or Uncle or special guardian in place that steps in when you go away on vacations or trips.

This person or persons brings comfort because you know your pets aren’t with strangers and in a strange, unfamiliar place. They are with loved ones that you have personally hand picked to care for them. These people are extended family that your pets know and are used to and love.

No one wants unexpected emergencies to happen… but the word here is unexpected and this tool helps you have peace and be prepared for such situations. 

You can order your In Case Of Emergency Card today as part of our loyal pet family of Ask Daniele 4 Pets / Beijo’s corner and it will be in your hands in about 5 – 7 business days. Oh… And while you’re there at the site to order your card look around and see what other training tutorials would be a great tool to help you and your pets.

Get yours TODAY! 310 743-9643 or call us 310 743-9643

P.S. Would you like to know what your pets personality says about them? Knowing this information is key to understanding and training your pet quicker, more accurately while keeping it fun for you and most importantly them.

Take our Pet Personality Assessment Quiz it’s FREE, Fun and very accurate. Just go to and click the BLUE PAW. 

We always try our best to supply you with all the best tools and information needed to be the AWESOME PET PARENTS we know you already are. Thanks for being part of our family we APPRECIATE You more than words can express!

Remember Pets Rule!


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