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I truly believe our pets are unique individuals with personalities of their very own. Did you know that acknowledging & knowing what kind of personality your pets have will give you the inside scoop on understanding and training them easier and in less time?

Yep it’s true! This has given me GREAT success in training numerous pets and best of all bridging the gap between the pet world and human world Smoothly, Quickly & with Clarity.

My goal as a Pet Behaviorist/Whisperer is always to bring clarity to what your pets are communicating by their behavior. I know you love your pets and understanding them only makes you love them more.

This is why I created my Pet Personality Assessment Evaluation Quiz to give you a sampling of what I do when I have my in-home Client Pets Sessions. This will give you an inside glimpse into your furry family member so you can understand them on a deeper level.

It’s very accurate & FUN…. Check it out for yourself :)

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So Hmmmm What kid of personality do you think your pet has?

Let’s check out the 8 main Personality types. Keep in mind your pet may be a combo of 2.

1. Social Butterfly – These pets are very friendly and love to interact with people and other animals. They are usually very talkative and love to play.

2. Casanova/Delilah –  These pets are very affectionate and even though they are fixed will occasionally still try to mate with other animals. Believe it or not they can be quite shy until they feel comfortable with you.

3. Einstein – These pets are Really, Really, SMART & they know it. They can easily figure out anything. They usually are loners and can be a little anti-social with other animals.

4. Smarty Pants – These pets are the sassy pants of the pet world and EVERYTHING is a game to them. They usually have focusing challenges because they’re main objective is FUN, FUN, FUN.

5. Rocky/Rockette – These pets can be aggressive & ALPHA Dominant. They will have to be socialized quickly & you may have disciplinary issues with them.

6. Chicken/Scaredy Cat – These pets are very skittish, timid, fearful and easily frightened. They will be be tempted to run away and hide especially in loud environments. They usually have a sensitive nervous system and delicate digestive system.

7. Saran Wrap – These pets are Extremely clingy and they don’t want to be alone EVER. They usually have severe separation anxiety and need lots of positive reinforcement and confidence builder exercises.

8. FREE Spirit – These pets are very independent and love doing their own thing. They have their own mind, they are very smart and they don’t submit to authority easily.

Now as I mentioned earlier your pet may be a combo of 2. Knowing & understanding what personality your pet has shows you how to go about communicating successfully to them and training them.

As I always say… Once someone has confidence you get them they are more willing to listen and cooperate easily with you. The same is true of our pets.

Nobody likes a bully and it’s not necessary to be aggressive with your pets to convey to them that you are the ALPHA.

This is my specialty and I would love the honor of working with you and your pets and show you how to get through and communicate to them, and get them to listen to you… Smoothly, Quickly while having FUN.

Now it’s your turn… Take advantage of our (1 time) in-home Pet Personality Assessment HOLIDAY SPECIAL.

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Remember Pets Rule!

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“What’s Your PETS PERSONALITY Saying About Them?…”