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Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t DARE think of depriving any one of you from having FUN on this holiday, getting and eating lots of treats, or experiencing the immense JOY of dressing up your Furry Family Members in their best Halloween costumes.

Just PLEASE make sure your pets are enjoying dressing up as much as you do… we wouldn’t want to unnecessarily torture our pets by making them play dress up. Because after all this is supposed to be fun for everybody… Right? Just sayin 🙂

Not to be a downer here but I wouldn’t be honoring my position as a Pet Behaviorist / Whisperer if I did not take the responsibility to make sure you are aware of some very real realities & dangers to your pets on this  holiday.

Did you know that there are specific predators targeting you and your precious pets on Halloween? Well there are! This is ESPECIALLY TRUE IF YOU HAVE BLACK CATS OR DOGS for pets. Believe it or not even in 2015 these Disgusting, Evil, Cruel, Poor excuses for human beings exist.

Because of these individuals many pets are tortured & lose their lives and are preyed upon every Halloween. That’s why I feel it is my duty along with many other animal loving organizations to bring this to your attention so that you are aware and take precautions to keep you, your family and pets safe.

The more you know the more you can be prepared. So first things first if your pets are not going to be with you and in your sight PLEASE KEEP THEM INDOORS. Especially the week before and specifically on the exact day & night of this holiday.

Next make sure treats that are given to your pets come from someone or an organization that you trust. Yes unfortunately this precaution has to be taken because this avoids poisoned treats given to unsuspecting pets and owners.

Lastly, please watch strangers with your pets… not just because of possible danger. I don’t want to make you guys paranoid here, but because crowds can be overwhelming especially to pets. Think about it it’s a lot of extra noise and commotion that they’re not usually exposed too.

So if you see your pet start acting out or becoming withdrawn separate them into a quieter place or better yet maybe it’s time to go home. Remember sometime our brand of fun isn’t so much fun for our pets, please be sensitive to their needs.

also not to start a witch hunt here but be proactive in your neighborhoods. If you see someone out of place don’t ignore it, especially if they are lurking around and they are not usually a part of your neighborhood.

Did you know that this year in the Inland empire there was a woman acting alone stealing small dogs out of the front of people’s yards & going up to doggie doors? Well it’s true! And she actually was targeting one of my personal rescue organization’s dogs.

Fortunately this story has a positive ending because one of my rescuer’s neighbors took her picture and circulated it on Face Book and alerted everyone and the authorities and they caught her.

Just so you know there are laws in place for animal abusers and offenders and they can now be prosecuted just like other criminals if they are reported. Usually if they individuals know they are being watched they WILL NOT be able to hide and carry out their horrible plans for our pets and helpless animals.

Be wise but let them know you’re watching especially if it’s in your own neighborhood.

Let’s keep each other’s families and pets safe this Halloween 🙂


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“How Safe Is HALLOWEEN For Your Pets?…”