YEP Pets have definitely noticed something strange is going on lately. For the most part pets are thrilled and loving their humans being home with them so much…. YES even the Cats. Think about it there are more walks, more snacks, more cuddle time, more playtime & OH need I mention the extra naps together WHOOPIE!

This is just a reminder to remember it is always important to keep things BALANCED with pets. Meaning if you feed them and walk them at a certain time maintain that during the quarantine period because one day things will go back to the way they used to be and by doing this you will help them transition smoother and quicker with less behavioral hiccups.

All pets thrive on routines. Knowing what time their meal times are, what time you’ll be arriving back home, what time to expect the kids home, when bedtime is and the house shuts down for the night, even when the weekend is here. Plus much, much, more. Pets are very intelligent and observant. Routines help pets feel safe, more comfortable and in control because they know what to expect and what’s coming next.

When routines are interrupted, especially for long periods of time a pets world could get turned upside down because they feel out of balance of what’s coming next. How do you spot this? Well for one they will become extra clingy , following you as if they were your shadow, watching you like a hawk, whining or constant meowing, in some cases you’ll observe restless pacing and acting out maybe even in some naughty behavior. In a pets mind any attention is attention when they are trying to make you focus on them.

If you have noticed this in your pets you might have a pet acting out & communicating their insecurities to you. If that is the case don’t worry the solution is simple to put your pet back on track and reassure them that their world is fine and so are you.

Having said that my next point is this, your pets are the closest individuals to you and because of that they feel your emotions much quicker than any human can. So it important during this precarious time of the Coronavirus you reassure them that you are okay.

I know you are doing the best you can but here are some tips to help both of you out

1.  Put on Calming music such as smooth Jazz or very light classical (pets especially love piano music). Some of my favorite pics are

–  The best of Stan Getz

–  Diana Krall

– The best of Michael Franks

Try to avoid music that focuses on Violins, Cello’s and of course drums. Your pets ears are far more sensitive than yours. You will notice when you play this kind of music they will immediately relax and and eventually go to sleep and so will you.

2. Also invest in an all natural calming formula.

– I love Rescue Remedy for pets, especially the ones with sensitive tummies. This is a highly digestible formula for both DOGS & CATS and has a mild taste.

– Cannabis calming oil  formula’s for pets (not humans. The ones for pets are made especially for them so please keep yours to yourself).

3. Learn how to do light massage for your pet.

– There are tons of examples to pick from online, check out YOUTUBE. Whether you like books or video’s

4. Start giving healthier snacks. Listen pets love snacks, but what they love most about it is they’re getting a treat and the ceremony around it. You can swipe out something healthy instead of something fatty. One of my favs is

– Sweet potato & Salmon treats from Trader Joes for pets

– My own creation (if you’re a client of mine you already know what I’m going to suggest) Thinly sliced carrots, apples without the skin & Cucumbers without the skin. Put them in a ziplock bag for 10 minutes and then hand feed it to them. They’ll love em.

5. Lastly don’t forget VIGOROUS PLAYTIME! What I mean is get those heartbeats up. You and your DOGS & CATS should be panting hard. Try to do this until your pets give you their rest signal (They will lay down on their own and their chest will be heaving up and down. When you see this you have done your job. Here are some of my favs to accomplish this

Remember Endorphins work for everybody to release and relieve stress and cortisol. Our pets are no different than we are. So let’s get those heartbeats up.


– Invest in the DA-BIRD Toy. The Kitties go wild for this one because it directly taps into their primal instinct.

– Laser toy play. Get an LED laser and don’t just shine it around really begin to act like one of their prey and tap directly into their stalking & hunting primitive drive hiding around corners with the laser, make sure you wait for that butt wiggle and then have them chase the dot around the house.

– Get a new chew toy that you can toss around and your Kitties go chasing after it.


– Get an automatic ball launcher that you can play with indoors. Engage your Doggies in some interactive ball play.

– Is it time for a new squeak toy? Engage in some good old soft tug of war with your Doggies, make sure you’re on the floor with them so they really get into it.

– Go for a vigorous walk for at least 30 minutes everyday

You get the idea. Try to do their regular schedules everyday, mimic it as closely as you can to the way it was before. Also do not slack in the training department. Meaning don’t get sloppy and let begging and other unwanted behaviors start. Keep up the balance of discipline, we all love spoiled pets but not brats right? Don’t let this in-home quarantine create pet monsters that are out of control… Nobody likes that.


Until next time REMEMBER PETS RULE!







“How To Keep PETS EMOTIONALLY BALANCED During This Stressful Time…”