We’ve all been there, just like this picture on all fours with a flashlight and a broom handle with your pets at your side on the floor observing YOU looking for their toys. This behavior goes on equally for both CATS & DOGS by the way.

All of our pets toys seemed to have disappeared (AGAIN) into the Bermuda Triangle and are no where to be found. And of course your pet is currently looking at you with that helpless look of I can’t get my toy help me please. What’s a pet parent to do?… Well you have 2 options #1 go out and buy new toys or you got it #2 start to search under the couch, the fridge etc. with the end of the broom handle and a flashlight.

So why, why, why, do pet do this? Well it’s for many reasons, but first let me assure you they are very aware of where their toys are trust me.

First you should know for both CATS & DOGS it is instinctual to bury or hide their goodies in the wild. What I mean by goodies is their prey they have caught and killed. Yes their toys are a type of prey in their minds. Your pets have a mindset to have a place they call home and a place they use as their hunting territory.

By instinct, pets catch & kill prey in this hunting territory and that take it to their home base, away from other animals. In home base they might be eating the prey themselves, or they might be taking it to their young ones.

If you think about this it makes total sense, even our domesticated pets still have all of their primitive instincts in place. I say it’s good for them to satiate these urges, it gives them a feeling of contentment. When we as loving pet owners provide toys you are giving your pets treasure and as we all know treasure is never left in the open for everyone to steal it’s hidden away.

If your pet has a favorite toy, I can bet you this is the toy he or she stashes the most… even from you. I have trained some pets to retrieve their favorite toy on command, so that they have total power of where it is and to get it on their own terms… Of course this doesn’t go for everyone.

Another reason you should be aware of that your pets do this behavior is because it’s FUN, and getting you involved to participate with them and it creates an activity you can do together. Yes they actually get joy out of you trying to find their toys. Haven’t you noticed when you do locate all the toys and put them in a pile , or in the toy box your pets start the hiding cycle all over again?

It’s part of the process, So try to enjoy retrieving the whole pile of toys and putting them on a pile in the middle of the room. You rest on your chair or couch while you see your pets taking them one by one back to where they were, pawing them right beneath the cupboard again. I promise you they are elated with joy.

While resting a bit after this tedious job, it’s a joy to watch them play and have so much fun with these things, even though it is going to cost you another moment of on your knees soon again. Aren’t they worth it? Of course they are.

Personally I make a fun event out of this behavior. Yep once a week at out house I go treasure hunting for toys in my home and my pets love it! They get so excited! My advice enjoy your pets antics it’s all part of it.

Until next time REMEMBER PETS RULE!

“Are YOU Your Pets Personal Lost Toy Locator?…”