Does this happen in your home?… You get up to go to the bathroom or the kitchen and when you return Kitty or Fido has settled in all cozy in your spot & has the look like “Oh you’re back, where are you going to sit?”

Well if this sounds like you & your pets understand you are not alone. Our pets for the most part do this for 3 reasons. The first is my favorite and the most common.

First reason –

This is a major compliment to you as well as a manifestation of your dog & cats survival instinct  for most part.

When you leave the bed or a place where you have been sitting, you leave behind your scent as well as a warm spot where you were. Your pets love your scent it’s the main way they identify you. Understand you are your pets ALPHA Leader and their instinct is to be as close to you as possible and when you are not physically there your scent is the next best thing. Your scent & warmth is so inviting it creates a comfort zone of your presence for them.

This is one of reasons why I recommend when you leave your pet at home he or she is free to go into the bedroom while they wait for you to return home. The bed has the strongest scent of you and represents comfort while your pets are alone and helps to combat separation anxiety.

Also understand that our pets have become part of our domestic lifestyle and we have provided all sorts of creature comforts to contribute to their happiness. Pets have come to enjoy these homely spaces. They love a soft spot to settle into and it is easy to see how this brings out the good side of their nature. Pets are provided with this magic spot and after a few twirls and a bit of a scratch they settle down for their nap. Overall your pets may just feel that you have a better spot.

Now having said all of this keep in mind When you return, as the ALPHA Leader of the house, you have the right to remove your pets off the spot or chair you sat in and return to your place. They should happily submit to you and move back to their spot.

Second reason –

Your fur baby could have a challenge of Separation Anxiety. To be sure watch your pets body language and facial expressions to enable you to decide if this is the case.

Did you get up from your seat to see a trembling pet slip into your spot and cower there hoping you are not going to go out and leave them behind. Sitting in your spot is like a security blanket for your pet. I could help you resolve this challenge with your pet, it is one of my specialties handling pets who suffer from fear and being separated  from you. Call me and set up a pet session A.S.A.P.

Third reason –

Now this reason is not so good, read on to see if this is you and correct it A.S.A.P. if it is.

You are supposed to be the ALPHA Leader in your home ALWAYS, so you don’t want to be challenged by a beta pet taking your ALPHA position. What are the ugly signs to look for? Your pet will sit upright in your chair or bed and stare at you as you try to get him/her off your seat.

A low growl or hiss could indicate there is more to this possession of your chair or bed than you thought. The pet who fancies himself/herself as the beta of the pack will always be ready to take on a weak ALPHA. You may need help from me as a Pet Behaviorist if this is the case to change this attitude. Your pet is trying to take the ALPHA place in your home. He/She needs to know who is boss and who gets to sit in the special chair. Trust me this is not cute or good and needs to be addressed A.S.A.P. before other areas of your relationship get out of hand.

There should ALWAYS be respect for the pack order of the home whether you have dogs or cats You and You alone are the ALPHA Leader. Sitting in your spot when you get up shows your pets affection for you, but the chosen spot needs to always come back to the master with no unwanted behavior. Your pet may also feel the need to protect you and sitting in your spot gives him/her the edge over the other animals in the household. It is always important to be in control of the situation. It is your spot, and you own that spot, not your pet. If you share the spot, be sure your pets know who is in charge.


Until next time Remember PETS Rule!!!!









“Why Do PETS Immediately Get Your Spot When You Get UP?…”