I heard you just got a BRAND NEW PUPPY & he/she is the cuteness little thing on the planet…. So now what? Well let me tell you how to start this program off right so that it will be successful for the rest of your relationship together. With PUPPIES it really is about how you start them off that ensures a happy, healthy, long relationship.

With puppies I like to keep things fun & interesting to keep their minds stimulated and wanting to learn. After all no matter what species you wanting to is half of the battle. As long as we are learning and enjoying ourselves it makes life worth living. Well the same goes for our pets being bored sucks!

The recipe for any happy, successful, healthy puppy is as follows 1. ROMP 2. LEARN 3. SLEEP Knowing when & how to do this will give your puppy security & confidence of what to expect and when to expect it… It’s all about successful communication.

The most important thing for a puppy is for them to trust you as their ALPHA. What exactly does that mean?… I’m glad you asked being an ALPHA simply means being a counted on leader to show the way, teach & educate and protect. You do not need to be aggressive, mean and an all around bully to accomplish this. Actually being an ALPHA incorporates both the Male & Female parts working together. Both are essential for balance. So if you’re ready let’s get started.


Master & Practice these 3 voice tones alone first and then introduce them to your puppy. These when done correctly are GOLD & will aide in interacting with your dog for the rest of his/her life.

-PRAISE Voice – This is going to be the voice used a lot with when training It is a High Pitched tone accompanied by a smile and affection. Picture yourself as your puppies personal cheerleader. Whens she/he/he does something she is supposed to you’re going to celebrate it like it’s Christmas time.
– ALPHA Voice – This voice is to be used to let your puppy know you mean business. It is lower & deeper from your diaphragm and a little louder (but not yelling) than your usual voice. It is accompanied by a serious look also, when you use this voice. This is very effective if done properly. There will actually come a time when you can just shoot a look & she/he will know you mean business without you speaking a single word.
– MATERNAL Voice – This is Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me time cuddling in your lap or on the couch with affection. It is a higher pitched voice tone but not as high as the Praise tone. It is to be used when you’re snuggling with your puppy and yes smile with eye contact and  kiss, kiss kiss. You are probably already an expert with this one.
This is the best and easiest way to get your puppy to used to coming to you when called. It represents affection to them. It builds trust while reinforcing love.
1. This is going help increase the positive reinforcement to COME to you when your puppy is called. When you do this it will immediately communicate affection to your puppy.
2. TICKLE FINGERS are demonstrated by lowering your hand a bit in front of your puppy palm up and SLOWLY wiggling each of your fingers like come here. When you do this accompany it with KISSY noises and call your puppy’s name. When they come PRAISE them.
3. Call your puppy over with kissy noises and tickle fingers. When they come PRAISE them with affection and give them one cookie with your opened palm lowered in front of them.
4. Next get up take the treat bag with you and herd them around the room. Call their name with kisses and tickle fingers & when they come PRAISE them and give her one treat.
5. Herd your puppy around with this exercise about 3 to 5 times in different parts of the room. Please make sure to PRAISE them when they come and give them one cookie.
she has successfully done the above herding first.
6. This will start to lay the foundation of your puppy coming to you when they are called quickly. Practice this consistently everyday.
Learning FOUNDATIONAL Commands
1. SIT – This is done with your forearm out with pointer finger extended right in front of your puppy.  This should be said ONCE with eye contact. After you give the command wait a few seconds before saying anything and giving her a new command. When they do what you’ve asked reward with one treat.
2. STAY – This is with your palm facing out like “Stop in the nam of love” give this command once in you ALPHA voice and back away about 2 feet for now, then increase slowly once they’ve done it successfully.
3. COME – This is done with stooping down a little palm up to the ceiling and motioning your fingers like come here (Tickle Fingers). You can use a higher pitch voice here. When your puppy comes PRAISE Them in your PRAISE voice and give them a few treats.
4.  Do not do this more than  3 times in a row or your puppy will get frustrated & bored. This is getting your puppy used to be trained and doing what is being asked of them on command.  This training should be kept fun and without any distractions so you are completely focused on your puppy.
Do these everyday with SMOOTH JAZZ or SOFT CLASSICAL playing on LOW in the background. This helps with your puppies bio-rhythms to help them relax and focus so your training sessions will go easier & smoother.


“Foundational TRAINING For Your PUPPY”