Do the expressions above look familiar to you? Yes I know they’re CUTENESS is almost irresistible… but for their own good and yours you must find a way to resist.

Did you know BEGGING is not only annoying but can lead to all kinds of unnecessary physical illnesses  in our pets? How you may ask well I’ll tell you. The fact is most pets that beg are usually begging for human food of some kind & the fact is although a little taste here and there causes really no harm every once and awhile. Their systems cannot digest and process our food.

Although our pets are always game to try to share our food their bodies were not meant to eat the way we do… shoot to be honest most people shouldn’t eat the way they do either… but that’s for another article 🙂

The additives and fatty content in human food are enough to cause animals organs to fail if not slowly kill them & nobody wants that.

BALANCE is key to everything with pets, children, ourselves and LIFE in general. So the best stand to take is not to start certain habits at all… but if you have there is still hope.

How to set the foundation for NO BEGGING in your home

1. First things first NEVER give your pet anything from the table or your plate when your seated for a meal. This will keep boundaries firmly and clearly in place. Where you eat and where they should be eating.

2. At mealtime have your pet eat their own dinner in a separate vicinity or have them in another room period. Pets like to be included with whatever we are doing and it is wise for you to have this firmly in place so your message is clear.

3. Designate what is an acceptable snack and what is not from the beginning . I know you want your pets to have a goody now and then from their regular food, and that’s okay on occasion just don’t have it be human prepared food with all of the salt, spices etc.

4. Prepare for the GOODY in advance. Why not make getting a treat or goody all the more exciting?… Building up anticipation is an awesome way to get spirits high. It works for us ex. THANKSGIVING with all the yummies that go with it. The same goes for your pets. You can cook them a special meal or present the special treat in a different goody dish. I promise they’ll enjoy it to the fullest.

5. Learn how NOT to be a pushover and stick to your guns about discipline and training. Yep I know this can be a tough one, but you’ll thank me in the long run. Not only are protecting your pets health by not giving into begging, but there will come a time when you’re patience are short and you’re not in the mood for the whining, barking and all that goes with it antics… and it won’t be so cute then. A well behaved pet is priceless not only for you but for your guests and others. Establishing what I call Pet Etiquette 101 is essential for harmony.

6. Being a good pet parent comes with balancing when to have rules and when to spoil, just like you do with your human children. So be the strong leader they need, you are not being mean you are being a good parent & good parents always have rules. Plus they will respect you for it. I can guarantee where you see begging tolerated other challenges of the pet minding you exists.

What to do if you’ve already BLOWN IT about your pets begging…

1. First of all be encouraged it’s not too late if you’re willing to do the work to reverse it, it is totally possible. Take a deep breath and have the mindset to be patient. This not going to stop over night, but with consistent work it will stop.

2. Ignore your begging pets. Begging is an attention-seeking behavior. Rather than give in to your pets demands, ignore the behavior and teach your pet that it does not get results! When you talk to your pet, give him affection, or engage in direct eye contact, you are feeding his mental state.

3. Get everybody in the house on the same page. You have to be a united front. If even one person gives in, your pet will not change. They will just adjust to the new way of getting what they want.

4. Don’t feel sorry for your pet or guilty about not giving in. Your pet is not starving and you know it. Stick to your guns and don’t give in. You must out will your pet here.

5. If your pet persists on jumping up on his hind legs on you while you’re eating. Start by giving the command DOWN in your ALPHA voice. Accompanied by your finger pointing to the floor and then ignore your pet and go about eating. Keep in mind that this is going to be a pain in the you know what the first week… but you must out will your pet here and not give in for success.

6. How to stop your pet from STEALING food. If this is the case to eliminate stealing, whether it is overt (taking food from children) or covert (pilfering the thawing dinner steak), it is necessary to initiate a program of at least 4 weeks, during which no food is ever placed within the pets reach. It goes without saying that no snacks should be given during this period.

Try these today and start getting results you need. Of course to go more into detailed training don’t hesitate to call and set up your in-home pet sessions to resolve this challenge. After all nobody likes a beggar and cuteness is not everything you must have manners 🙂 


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