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Healing their challenges and bringing understanding to their pet parents with Clarity is my goal. Ultimately bridging the communication gap between pets and humans successfully, peacefully while having FUN in the process.

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“How To KEEP Your DOG From JUMPING UP On People”

If you own a dog 9 times out of 10 this is a BIG issue you have. The reasons behind dogs jumping up on people are numerous. Firstly their usually excited to see you. if you look at how dogs greet each other it usually involves jumping up on one another at one point. Also if you have a puppy they’re probably trying to get to your mouth for affection. This is all very normal and can usually be correctly quite easily with consistency & diligence on your part.

Before we begin let me just say their is no need to be harsh, or a bully. So no yelling,squirting with lemon juice water, choke collars, shock collars etc it’s not necessary people. With a little patience your dog can learn how to control himself and not jump up on you & your guests, so let’s get started…

Change the way you approach your dog

We are going to start by approaching your dog calmly. Why? Because being in an overly excited state will invite jumping up on you from your dog & if you are having this challenge switch the way you initially greet Fido. Anticipate coming in the door quietly and ignore your pooch for a couple of minutes until he/she settles down and is controlling himself them greet him with affection in a calmer voce than you usually do. You will notice he will be very responsive to your demeanor.


Once you start this way don’t get sloppy and go back to the original way you were interacting with your dog. It sends mixed signals and it’s confusing to what you want your dog to do.


Do not give the coveted good boy/girl if it is not earned… and for God sakes NO TREATS unless your pet has done what he/she has been asked to do. Everybody has to earn their way in this world and that includes our pets. When your pet is obedient & does what you’ve asked them to do, this is a clear signal they respect you as their leader, their ALPHA and they trusts you. Also it increases their enthusiasm to do it again because you were so pleased the last time… & that is exactly what you want!

Involve another person in the training

We are going to begin this training alone. After you’ve mastered training alone, involve another trusted person to practice with going forward so your dog will understand you not only want him to behave this way with you but everyone. After they get the hang of it with the person you picked add more people to shake it up and keep it fresh for your pet & soon your pet will be an expert in greeting people.

Starting the TRAINING

1. Start to practice Alone at first. Make sure the environment is quiet and free of distractions so your pet can totally focus on what you’re asking them to do. Pick a scenario where you know you’re pet is likely to jump up on you. I like coming through the front door the best. Please make sure you have their favorite treats with you for a reward.

2. When you come in the door SAY NOTHING to your pet & do not make eye contact. This automatically will help a spastic pet calm down. Nobody likes being ignored, go into the house and put your things down.

3. When your pet jumps up on you immediately turn your back to them and still say nothing. As they run to the other side continually keep your back to them. Once you hear them settle down and all 4 paws are on the ground give them the command SIT. Say this one time calmly in a deeper tone then you usually speak. When they sit then give them affection with good boy/girl and a treat. Practice this when initially coming in the front door. Do this everyday .

4. After the above continue practicing around the house,  if they jump up on you when walking take your knee out to the side like a quick jerk and knock them down. This is not done to harm them just hard enough so they get down. When you do this still say nothing, when they get down continue to walk and if you anticipate them getting ready to jump again move to the side so that they land on the floor and miss your body. Continue doing this around the house.

5. This is a consistent anticipation practice with your dog. Soon he will learn insisting on his/her jumping behavior will not get him affection or reward in any way and he will control himself. You are giving him time to process this new behavior. When you constantly are saying DOWN, DOWN, DOWN. It is feeding into your dogs appetite for attention & you don’t want that here. What you want is for him to respond to what he’s being asked to do, then he/she will get the positive attention they really want.

6. When your dog does what you want him to do get him to sit then & only then do you reward with good boy/girl and give a treat or affection.

7. This takes some getting used to but it works! Be consistent & take your time. All pets vary but I’ve seen even eager puppies grasp this and have it down in 2 to 3 weeks. Remember always be kind and patient and your pets will give you what you want.

If you would like one on one training at your personal home I would be more than happy to schedule a In-Home Pet Session to get you the help you need. Call today and set up your appointment (310) 743-9643



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